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Homa / Puja

Homa / Puja

Puja is the Hindu ritual of worshiping God in a systematic manner as prescribed in the Vedic scriptures. hindu mantras and chants play key role in hindu pooja. An idol or hindu god images or hindu god pictures or symbol of the deity is kept and worshiped by chanting the hindu mantras & verses. Homa is an ancient Hindu ritual performed to invoke Agni, the God of fire, by offering Ghee and other sacrificial offerings. Shakthi Anjaneya Astrologer is expert in Homa or Puja rituals with his profound knowledge advises right type of Puja’s according to your horoscope. Some of the puja’s are:

  • Ganesha Pooja
  • Vishnu Pooja
  • Lakshmi Pooja
  • Shani Pooja
  • Hanuman Pooja
  • Dhanavantri (Health) Pooja